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Tired of flicking between browser windows comparing those all-important UK share charts before making that ultimate investment decision?

Then welcome to Shares Compared (London shares edition) where UK investors can conjure up to half a dozen comparative share charts (with all your favourite technical indicators to boot) on a single page.

Change 'em around, add an indicator or chart overlay, print 'em out, but keep it on the lowdown - it's our dirty little city secret.

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1. Choose a Share Chart Setup

Chart Type and Period

Simple Moving Averages (SMA) What are Simple Moving Averages?

M5: M10: M20: M50: M100: M200:

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) What are Exponential Moving Averages?

E5: E10: E20: E50: E100: E200:

Chart Overlays

Bollinger Bands:What are Bollinger Bands?
Parabolic SAR:What is Parabolic SAR?

Technical Indicators

Fast Stochastic:What is Fast Stochastic?
MACD:What is MACD?
Money Flow Index (MFI):What is Money Flow Index?
Rate of Change (ROC):What is Rate of Change?
Relative Strength Index (RSI):What is Relative Strength Index?
Slow Stochastic:What is Slow Stochastic?
Volume:What is Volume?
Volume with Moving Average:What is Volume with Moving Average?
Williams Percent Range:What is Williams Percent Range?

2. Choose Shares for Comparison

Choose between one and six UK shares to compare. Change 'em up, select a new set of indictaors or overlays and hit the 're-draw charts' button to do it all again.

You'll need to ensure you've drawn all your share charts first by hitting the draw button above before clicking the print ready charts button below.

Print your UK Share Graphs