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Tired of flicking between browser windows comparing those all-important UK share charts before making that ultimate investment decision?

Then welcome to Shares Compared (London shares edition) where UK investors can conjure up to half a dozen comparative share charts (with all your favourite technical indicators to boot) on a single page.

Change 'em around, add an indicator or chart overlay, print 'em out, but keep it on the lowdown - it's our dirty little city secret.

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1. Choose a Share Chart Setup

Chart Type and Period

Simple Moving Averages (SMA) What are Simple Moving Averages?

M5: M10: M20: M50: M100: M200:

Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) What are Exponential Moving Averages?

E5: E10: E20: E50: E100: E200:

Chart Overlays

Bollinger Bands:What are Bollinger Bands?
Parabolic SAR:What is Parabolic SAR?

Technical Indicators

Fast Stochastic:What is Fast Stochastic?
MACD:What is MACD?
Money Flow Index (MFI):What is Money Flow Index?
Rate of Change (ROC):What is Rate of Change?
Relative Strength Index (RSI):What is Relative Strength Index?
Slow Stochastic:What is Slow Stochastic?
Volume:What is Volume?
Volume with Moving Average:What is Volume with Moving Average?
Williams Percent Range:What is Williams Percent Range?

2. Choose Shares for Comparison

Choose between one and six UK shares to compare. Change 'em up, select a new set of indictaors or overlays and hit the 're-draw charts' button to do it all again.

You'll need to ensure you've drawn all your share charts first by hitting the re-draw button above before clicking the print ready charts button below.

Print your UK Share Graphs